The Props

I have collected numerous props over the years. Fake cakes and cupcakes, ride-along cars in pink and red, washtubs, a tee pee, furs, chairs, benches and seasonal items.

 I have made many fake cakes and there are 10 new themes such as Tiffany, Mickey Mouse, Mermaids, Sesame Street, Unicorns, Cat in the Hat and Super Heroes.

Frozen II Mini Sessions 2020

She was only three but she had very clear ideas about what she wanted to do.

She asked where her stage would be and I said I didn't have a real stage. She rolled her three-year-old eyes and decided she could muddle through with what I had.

She wanted to hear "Let It Go" so I found it on You Tube.

She checked my props to make sure I had everything she needed.

She wore every dress I had and she was utterly fearless. She sang her heart out and meant every single word.

Mom asked her if this was the best day ever and she said it was. Then she swept out of the room with a fistful of candy as only a true diva can.

Due to COVID 19 Richfield Portrait Photography is temporarily closed.  Re-opening will depend on the availability  of a COVID 19 vaccine. Until then please keep Richfield Portrait Photography in mind for birthdays, milestones, seniors, newborns and cake smashes and keep checking here for re-opening dates. Stay safe.

Hundreds of families now have memories that didn't cost a fortune and can afford to mark each and every milestone. 

All 30 minute studio mini sessions are $40 

If you bring a flash drive to your session I will load all the photos we took onto your drive while you wait. This way you get all the images we took. You can keep bringing the flash drive with you each time you come or you can buy a 2GB flash drive from me for $10 which you can keep.  The photos will be un-edited but you can choose up to 10 that you would like edited.

The $40 fee is PER HOUSEHOLD.

If your family has special needs or you need more time for outfit changes, one hour appointments are available for $60. 

These sessions do not guarantee more than 10 photos but we will certainly try.

You  are free to print or share. No further purchases from the photographer required.

Booking is easy. A real time booking system allows you to check availability, book or reschedule if you need to.

​Just click on the blue buttons throughout my website.

Payment  can be by cash, check, PayPal or credit/debit card. 

Contact me by email at ​

The Studio is in Richfield, two miles from the Mall of America.

2007 - Lemaire Channel, Antarctica

Mini Session 101

Click on the green button to find out what to expect from your session.

Read some tips for guiding your unpredictable little loved ones through the perils of a mini session!

Spartan Stadium

Richfield High School.

July 2014.

This is  a High Dynamic Range (HDR) It is five photos of the same image taken at different settings and then merged together into one very large file.

This image was featured on the front page of the Richfield Sun Current on August 21st 2014.



​​​FROZEN II  (When studio re-opens)

For all the little Frozen fans Anna and Elsa sessions are back with updated outfits and accessories!

These sessions will be $60 each for 45 minutes. The longer session gives us more time to transform into Ana or Elsa.

For these sessions only feel free to bring a friend and share the $60 fee! This is the first time two households can split the cost. 

New this year are Frozen Birthdays with balloons and a new fake cake.
Bring your USB with you or have 12 photos edited and emailed to you or I can edit 12 and email them.

The Photographer

I have been doing this for a long time...more than 30 years in one form or another. 

As a senior journalist and chief reporter I have published hundreds of news, feature articles and photographs. 

I was born and raised in New Zealand but now call Minnesota home.

 I have traveled to remote parts of the world including the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. I have also spent time in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, India, Australia, Argentina, Chile and many European nations.

I am not a child whisperer. Most of the time I am desperately winging it just like you and hoping like hell we get lucky. So don't be embarrassed if your two-year-old loses it and flings themselves on the floor. It happens everyday and I often feel like doing it myself.

I am a Professional Photographers of America member and Richfield Portrait Photography LLC is a legitimate tax paying business.

The Smile

For most people the smile is the end goal. I respect that and try really hard to achieve it.

But what if the smiles don't come? Despite our singing and clowning around we end up with photos of a worried little face looking for an exit.

That's okay. A stunning resting face looking right into the camera is a hundred times better than a fake smile. Often a utterly ticked off expression or a huge frown can be a year or two. I love character even if it's glaring at me with all the attitude it can muster.

The Dog

She runs the place. You will see her at the door. She is the one with short legs being loud and bossy.  As long as you are attached to a people-puppy she will adore you forever.

The Studio

I have a clean, fully equipped dedicated studio in the basement of my home.  There is a changing table, bathroom and plenty of places to sit.

The Pretties!

Last year I had a headband making frenzy, the year before that is was chunky necklaces and birthday hats. Now I have hundreds to lend out - good luck picking one out! 

The World....

...I have seen some of it. Check out Seven Worlds By Amanda Stadther. There are hundreds of images of places like Antarctica, New Zealand, Africa and India. There are also some travel articles I wrote along the way.


​​​Richfield Portrait Photography (LLC)

PPA (Professional Photographers of America)

Richfield - Bloomington Sun Current Readers' Choice Award 2020 - Best Photographer - Richfield Portrait Photography