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These in-studio newborn sessions are  $100 for up to one hour of shooting and 15 minutes for feeding and changing.

For this session you get a minimum of eight digital photos.

Poses are very simple. If baby is awake we do one back pose only with baby wearing a diaper cover and/or is swaddled. We can try an over the shoulder shot as well. Only if baby drifts off to sleep can we try a couple of side or tummy poses.

I don't advise dressing baby in clothing. Your newborn session is much more likely to be a success if we are gently swaddling and covering baby with fabric as multiple outfit changes can upset baby. I have fabrics but feel free to bring items from home such as swaddle blankets or other sentimental items.

I have a changing table and you are more than welcome to breast feed.

Don't worry if baby has some skin imperfections, hand editing is included.

You may bring siblings but understand baby will do much better if the environment is calm and quiet.

If baby is unsettled for the entire session you pay the $100 and we reschedule a free session.

Newborns - Up To One Month Old.