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​​The Funny Side

At some point in the history of mini sessions, every family has been to the photographic dark side. They are the parents of the unwilling one-year-old, the tired and ticked off two-year-old, the fragile three-year-old or the four-year-old who has a vocabulary and knows how to use it.

Then there is the other side, the enthusiastic side. The clown with energy to burn, the trickster with a huge portfolio of funny faces and the huge cheesy smilers. Lets not forget the interrogator, the five-year-old with endless, yet always entertaining questions.

However the most feared is the three-year-old negotiator. The relentless  "I-won't-do-a-damn-thing-until-I-get-what-I-want" deal making machine. You know very early on that your chances of getting what you want are scarce to none unless you seal the deal with a bag of fruit snacks. But that isn't the end, the little extortionist now knows what you have and ups the price to two bags of fruit snacks, one of which must be handed over immediately as a down payment.

​Add to that the nose pickers, the annoyed, the devastated, the hysterical, the bored, the comedian and the stubborn, maybe you'll think your kid did pretty good after all!