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Mini Session 101

It's mostly very casual here. We have a lot of fun and we love the silliness! However it is still a place of work. Spitting, using words that begin with "F", running around like a wild thing or throwing objects at me or anyone else will result in immediate ejection. I have thrown out entire families before for lighting fireworks in the studio, running round the house, fighting and using obscenities and I am not afraid to do it again!

Successful sessions also depend on a calm-ish environment. If the birthday person is distracted or unsettled by the antics of siblings running around the studio the chances of happy photos decrease. If I have to stop interacting with the birthday person to stop your kids running up the stairs and raiding my fridge we lose precious time and smiley moments.

I try to put bright and shiny props out of reach of tiny fingers but there are items that I have to have nearby that are potentially fascinating for little people. Again, time spent rescuing props from kids is time away from your session.  Even though many things in the studio may look like toys - they are not. Jumping  up and down on the furniture or messing with my stuff will make me very grumpy.

Meltdowns happen...often they are short-lived and cured with a few kisses and cuddles.  If everyone (including mom and dad) is well fed and well rested the session is far more likely to be successful. If the little person is utterly distraught we reschedule at no extra cost.

Temper tantrums are allowed to run their course. Don't be embarrassed if your two-year-old loses it and flings them self on the floor. It happens everyday and I often feel like doing it myself.

Treats and bribes are encouraged! So are silly faces, awful dancing and terrible singing.

Around here we try anything it takes to capture the precious smiley moment. However, sometimes the smiles don't happen. sometimes we capture who he/she was on the day...cranky, stubborn, thoughtful, quiet, ticked off or overwhelmed. 

Bring some of your child's favorite items from home. A blanket, favorite stuffed toy or a cellphone with someone's favorite tunes. Bring food - it can work wonders and bring some for the kids too.

You are welcome to take a couple photos with your cell phones but please wait until I have ended your session. I need my little subject to look at me and not be distracted. 

All mini sessions are either $40 or $60 per household. For example if you bring your six-month-old for a milestone session, of course mom dad and sister can can jump in a few. If you bring a cousin from another state, the neighbor kid or the football team, they can be included but they pay $40 each and get their own set of 10 photos. Please tell me if you are bringing extra bodies so I can prepare!

Feel free to park in the driveway and use the back door.  If it's dark look for the house with the yellow light in the window. There is a happy little "I am here" button by the back door.

If you have a 30 minute session please have everyone dressed and ready to go.

I know it's tempting to come in early and get your kids dressed before your session begins but please wait until your appointment time. Your 30 minute session begins at the agreed upon time. It does not begin 15 minutes later when the kids are ready.

If it looks like a few extra minutes is needed for the little guys to get happier I am more than happy to take an extra 10 - 15 minutes at no charge.

If you are early for your session and I am with a client I will not  interrupt their session to answer the door or answer the phone.

If you need to contact me prior to your session a Facebook message is the best way. My email address is mandystadther@yahoo.com

GLASSES - You may be asked to take off your glasses.  It is small space with lights that are likely to glare.

Payment is by cash, credit card, check or PayPal. There is an additional $3 charge for credit cards.

There are bathroom and changing facilities here at the the studio but if everyone is dressed and ready to go we have more time for photo taking. We don't wait for bathroom hoggers.

You don't have to spend a fortune on outfits, just come as you are. The lights can make the studio mighty warm sometimes so keep this in mind when you are planning your outfits. Having said that, keep it decent!

I can set up various poses and take individual and group photographs but if you have ideas of your own please feel free to share them. Keep in mind that although the basement is a dedicated and full time studio, it is a small area with no natural light. For this reason replicating complicated set-ups seen elsewhere in a short amount of time is often a challenge. Keeping everything very simple (and fun!) is how I am able keep the price affordable.

You will get at least 10 photos. I will capture as many family combinations as you need.

If I am in a good mood and your kid didn't tick me off,  and your session was on a weekday before 4pm you will receive your photographs on the same day.

If you would like to bring the family pet please let me know.